How can a beautiful smile be created?

Although not all smiles are beautiful, all are generous and cordial when are sincerely given. The large white teeth do not always guarantee a beautiful smile. They may help but this is not a rule. What really makes the difference is the intricate combination of details and shades of elements. Lips, gums and teeth are […]

How long does the orthodontic treatment last?

I think we need to clarify this question. Actually, the right question would be: „How many activations do we need to obtain a complete and stable orthodontic treatment?”. It is often said that an orthodontic treatment lasts on average 24 months. However, this is a completely random number and means NOTHING actually, because, if it […]

Is it really required the patient cooperation for the orthodontic treatment?

The orthodontist knows that a good orthodontic treatment requires excellent patients. And do you know why? Because it is not possible to administer the orthodontic treatment only in theory. It takes practice, and in practice, the one following the treatment makes all the difference. It is not useful for the orthodontist to use all his/her […]