Is it really required the patient cooperation for the orthodontic treatment?

The orthodontist knows that a good orthodontic treatment requires excellent patients. And do you know why? Because it is not possible to administer the orthodontic treatment only in theory. It takes practice, and in practice, the one following the treatment makes all the difference.

It is not useful for the orthodontist to use all his/her theoretical knowledge if he/she cannot put it effectively into practice.

Of course, the professional must be capable and competent to achieve good results. It takes time to become an expert on this topic. A lot of study, dedication and, above all, love for what you do are the basic ingredients to forming a competent expert. However, this is the first part of the recipe for a healthy outcome. The other half comes from the patient. Help, cooperation, understanding and goodwill are needed for the next treatment.

After all, the game or rather the treatment must be a winner.

In fact, the patient gains the most from a healthy and beautiful smile he/she should enjoy for many, many years to come. Therefore, awareness that any help is welcomed makes cooperation the key to SUCCESS.

As an orthodontist, I have never thought that the merit of a successful treatment belongs exclusively to me. I have always admitted that COOPERATION is an essential factor in my success.
Therefore, I can say peacefully that treating a good patient is priceless, and you already know the rest.

Your smile is your superpower!
Dr. G