How can a beautiful smile be created?

Although not all smiles are beautiful, all are generous and cordial when are sincerely given.

The large white teeth do not always guarantee a beautiful smile. They may help but this is not a rule. What really makes the difference is the intricate combination of details and shades of elements. Lips, gums and teeth are all essential elements of this complex ball that weaves the joy and happiness.

The relationship built between the positioning of teeth and the lips and gum and which is materialized into a beautiful smile is sensitive and highly accurate. It is a sophisticated architectural project properly managed by a highly trained orthodontist and consequently it requires proper judgment, in-depth knowledge and expertise and last but not least, a high dose of responsibility.

Orthodontics comes with its ability to unfold in three dimensions (3D dental shifts in all planes), with the possibility to properly position the gum lines that offer detailed beauty standards. Therefore, the aesthetic of your smile will be positively changed. Who can easily and spontaneously smile knows exactly what I am talking about.

A beautiful smile reflects the way you are actually seeing yourself and at the same time, it increases your self-esteem and the quality of your life.

Your smile is your superpower!
Dr. G